Visitor browses your website and accepts “allow access to location.” Using GPS, inboundgeo then triangulates the precise physical home address of the device.


inboundgeo observes the visitor’s interests on your site.  A customized mailer featuring the visitor’s browsing interest is created.


In as little as 48 hours, an interest-specific mailer is sent to that home. You can watch the delivery status in real-time in the dashboard!

Welcome to the next generation of retargeting.

Now you can retarget and re-engage your online web traffic, offline, in their homes,  with a highly impactful mailer customized to their browsing interests.

Want to retarget visitors to your website who live within two miles of your store and showed an interest in a $750+ item that you have an increased inventory of? With inboundgeo, you can set customized filters to determine the precise target, shopping habits and products to retarget. We do the rest, automatically.

What are you waiting for?

Retarget and re-engage your online web traffic, offline, in their homes, with a highly impactful mailer, customized to their browsing interests.

Better than retargeted display ads alone. Unlike display ads’ 0.05 CTR, inboundgeo’s retargeting mailers have a 4% conversion rate.

Better than traditional direct mail. We’re not blindly blanketing ZIP codes. Every mailer goes to a home that has shown interest in your brand.

Better than a purchased mailing list. Don’t buy a list of lookalike customers. Create your own proprietary list of “exact” customers who are interested in your brand.

  • Templates available
  • No minimums, one or a million
  • Real-time postal service tracking
  • Just two lines of Javascript
  • Completely self service