Visitor hasn’t been to the website in a while, has viewed 15 pages, is in 75252, and makes less than $50k/yr.


Visitor has viewed six shoe pages, 20 pages over all, is female, is single, and makes $100k/yr.


Visitor has viewed the cart page, has looked at this shoe 8 times, and is a mile from the nearest location.

The conductor for your intelligent content.

With maestro, you control the logic that decides which content to display, to which visitors, and when. Business needs and visitor engagement, in complete harmony.

Advertising technology has become incredibly complex. It follows you from site to site, watching your every move, influencing what you see and when. Maestro brings this technology to your site using specialized selectors (like jQuery if you’re familiar with it). Once a campaign’s filters match the visitor’s journey, we use these selectors to change the content on your website in real-time. If you know that someone’s income is more than $100k, your content can now reflect it. If someome has viewed several pages with a specific brand, we can insert that brand’s logo into your navigation. The possibilities are endless. Schedule an appointment and we’ll show you how to put maestro to work.