The inboundgeo engagement engine.

Since the very beginning inboundgeo has worked to build and iterate our engagement engine. We started with simple filters like URL and basic location. Over time we’ve enhanced these filters to include demographic and content derived data. All of this data is collected and acted upon real-time.

The “not a mailing list” mailing list.

Like any other mailing list provider, inboundgeo has a great set of filters. From basic things like demographics and location elements like city, state, and zip. These are core data points, but what matters most is when they’re applied to your campaigns.

inboundgeo is far more than a basic mailing list provider. We evaluate all of these data points against your anonymous website traffic in real-time. Traditional lists seek “look-a-likes” and result in tens of thousands in waste. The traditional list is created with the hopes of getting people to a website. inboundgeo creates a mailing list for you, made up only of people that have visited your website. There is no look alike for this list.

Watch this video to see how the engagement engine works

Here are all of the filters available at inboundgeo:



Page views



Query String

Page Value

Click Events










Birth year



Length of Residence



Marital status

Children Present

Content Derrived

Title, meta tags, or any other data element on the page: price, product name, description, SKU, part number, etc.

*Utilizes our proprietary indexing engine

Some data is easy to come by, other data requires an act of congress. Ok, maybe not congress, but it requires your IT department. Please meet Charlotte, the purpose-built spidering engine for inboundgeo.  

Charlotte give us access to data points on the page itself. This means you can add a filter for the inboundgeo engagement engine based on the price of an item, or keywords in a product description (think brand).