Announcing Print On Demand Postcard Marketing from Inboundgeo

Hello readers! Michael here, and I have some great news to share.

In 2013 I started building inboundgeo. It’s gone through a massive evolution, from measuring direct mail sent by other services, to focusing on the engagement engine itself, and most recently adding two purely digital plays (Messages and Maestro) that utilize the inboundgeo engagement engine to deliver online results.

A few weeks ago, we re-introduced Concierge, a service wherein we manage all of the inboundgeo products and services for you – in exchange for a commission on sales. We don’t charge for leads, but actual sales. We get paid -after- you do.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve entered into another phase of evolution. Our Print On-Demand product is here. Get your lists ready!

Until now, inboundgeo has focused entirely on helping you find the addresses of your anonymous website visitors. Once we have the address, we then send a postcard to that address on the fly (ok, well, next day). To do this, our code has to be installed on the customer’s website. There’s power there, lots of it, and it’s still our primary business. Heck, and even more to come.

As of today though, the use of our engagement engine is completely optional. You can now bring your own list!

Here’s how it works.

  1. Create an account (it’s free).
  2. Create a Print On-Demand campaign.
  3. Upload a Postcard (templates and specs provided).
  4. Preview the Postcard to make sure it prints as expected.
  5. Upload a list of addresses: address, city, state, zip.
  6. Click “Print Campaign.”

The printing starts within minutes.


  • Incredibly simple process.
  • No minimums. Send your mom a thank you Postcard!
  • Accepts 4×6, 6×9, and 6×11 cards.
  • Upload several cards for more fun and excitement (a/b testing)
  • First class postage.
  • Real-time tracking. We tell you when each piece moves through the production and delivery processes.
  • Map of the addresses.
  • Automatic duplicate removal from the list before processing.
  • QR Codes on the 6×11 cards (front or back).
  • Option to hold controls.

All of that for just 75ยข per sent card! That’s an introductory price, and pricing/features may change.

For comparison, you’d have to send 10,000 pieces to get to 75 cents at MailChimp, their postage is standard, not first class, and they’re limited to 4×6 postcards and predefined text areas. None of that applies here.

I hope you’re as excited about this as we are. We can finally say “YES!” to our customers that have been asking: “Can you just send a postcard if we bring the list?” YES!

Get started here: I can’t wait for your feedback!