postcard marketing dashboard interface by inboundgeo
As I am wrapping up development on this “Print On-Demand” campaign type for inboundgeo, I reached out to experts in my circle for design and workflow advice (it’s good to have friends who are experts). This software release for our system came together rapidly, with a flurry of code updates that advanced our¬†platform dramatically. To get the release over the finish line our internal team and community members provided testing and feedback.¬†This is the final screen before final commitment so I posted it to my social media pages for thoughts . This print on demand capability is the first inboundgeo release where a customer can bring their own lists to the party. Our traditional path is to help discover new addresses with our engagement engine. This postcard marketing feature relies on a customer provided list (from 1 to a million pieces!) and simplifies a number of rather difficult processes as much as possible: now our users can upload a complete campaign with their own list, postcard creative, AND have access to dynamic tracking and mapping features for their list management. All in an interface designed for ease of use and clarity.