Postcard Marketing Print on Demand Idea

Our Account Director (Jon Olsen) and I had a conversation earlier in the evening about a new campaign type for inboundgeo. Right now every campaign type (Postcards, Messages, and Maestro) uses the inboundeo Engagement Engine. It’s been evolving since 2013 and is a really great engine for selecting anonymous website visitors based on a wide range of criteria. From page views to household income and a bunch more, the filters really make the engine work.

As it turns out though, sometimes you just need to send a postcard to a list of addresses you already have. Well, tonight I’ve decided to add a new campaign type. It’ll be called: “Print on Demand.” Or, POD.

Print on Demand campaigns will give you the ability to upload one (or more) addresses, pick a postcard, and send it. Like, right now, on demand. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you. First class postage, no minimums, and same day production queue. It should arrive in about 5 days. It’ll support 4×6, 6×9, and 6×11 inch cards. Templates are available, and you can even use Canva!

As a bonus, you get the same exact view for the direct mail campaign as our traditional engagement engine campaigns, including address validation, real-time delivery notification, mapping of the addresses, and so on.

Introductory pricing will be 75¢ per card, with no minimums and no setup fees. Upload a CSV, a Postcard, and go!

I’m adding this here to set the timer to see how long it’ll take to add. Who else is excited?

Ok, making coffee… then I’m getting started. This is how I work best.