inboundgeo identifies single family homes and direct mails your postcard

The world’s most technologically advanced postcards? Quite possibly, yes. And it’s available for just $1.50 per piece.

Traditional direct mail, especially postcard marketing, is rooted in the idea that personalization is everything. It’s believed that if you don’t have a name to go with the address, that the response rate will be lower. In a first-touch direct mail campaign, that is true. But we have a different perspective, and that perspective is based on data.

inboundgeo was built on the concept that it’s more efficient, less expensive, and better for the consumer to use direct mail as the second brand impression. Maybe even third. If the potential customer receives a cold touch postcard with no brand recognition, then it is regarded as the dreaded “junk mail.” Which, frankly, it is.

 A campaign delivered by inboundgeo never represents the first brand impression. It’s impossible as the address is only used if the prospect has visited the brand’s website. That fact, combined with filters in the inboundgeo engagement engine means that a mail piece delivered using our campaign engine already has a much higher rate of brand recognition than a traditional direct mail campaign could ever hope to achieve.

Today, this data driven approach gets even better. I’m thrilled to announce that inboundgeo can now include data from the website in a postcard campaign, customized per user. That includes images and text.

This is made possible by our purpose-built website indexing engine. Previous to today we were able to use data from the website to qualify visitors for a campaign. If they were looking at a laptop with a value higher than $1,000, and with a certain graphics card, we’d be able to combine that with location information and qualify them for a campaign.

Today we can use those data elements in the direct mail piece itself. For example, if a visitor is looking for a car, we can include an image of the car, the price, the color, etc., and a QR code linking directly back to the financing page – with VIN of exact car the visitor was looking at.

And we do this without using behavior data from, or sharing data with, 3rd party marketing aggregators. It’s truly 1:1 marketing, consumer and brand.

Best of all? It requires no effort on the part of the customer or additional code to be installed.

Mind blowing. All for $1.50/card.