The founder of your digital marketing agency had a grand vision. It was to service your customers in a way that no other company could. Maybe it was a niche too, a specialty market like “the underdog” or the “new entrant.” Maybe it was the decades worth of relationships that the founding team could bring to bear. Or, maybe it was the simple understanding that the job of an agency is to bring innovative ideas and fresh marketing opportunities to your customers.

That’s in your sales deck, isn’t it? You’re the most innovative team in town, and you have the record to prove it!

The problem is even the most innovative teams in town reduce their strategies and subsequent recommendations, building upon one or more of the following: display, email, video, or social. Each of these has its own appeal and its own preferred suite of tools to help ensure that your client’s campaigns match the stated objectives. Your agency may even specialize in one of them, and will take the others on out of necessity or convenience to your customers.

Where’s the innovation in that approach? Remember, your job is to innovate, explore new tools, all to help your customers get better results than your competitors. At the very least it means that your deliverables should differ greatly from all of the other agencies, and they all use the exact same tools to reach the exact same people with similar messages. What’s your differentiator?

It’s also important to remember what messaging and mediums work on you. How often do you (as a consumer, not a marketer) click ads, read marketing email, or watch the whole ad on YouTube – you most likely click “Skip Ads” like we do. You scroll right past the “sponsored messages” and “Promoted” posts like we do. That’s how digital advertising works today. Skip this, scroll past that, delete the other thing, “Mark as Spam.”

There’s one place where you read every single message, every time. It’s a place that brings some of your most important messages and data. You carefully thumb through every message in your physical mailbox. Think about it. Walk through your last experience with physical mail. Which pieces stood out most?

What if you could combine the effectiveness of precise location (GPS), data, and filtering with the marketing advantage of the physical mailbox? What if you could practically guarantee that your customer’s message will reach the consumer in a place with very little competition, and that their brand will be top of mind when it arrives?

We’ve spent seven years building and refining just this model. The front end works just like the digital tools you already know, but the outputs aren’t lost in an array of players paying for attention. The output is an oversized postcard (6 X 11) at home, in the consumer’s physical mailbox.

With inboundgeo, you create all of the filters (including demographics, location, and a dozen others), just like your existing tools, and as visitors land on the customer’s website, we match them and send a postcard.

There’s much more to it of course, like real-time tracking per postcard, suppression lists, variable data printing, A/B testing (yes, with printed pieces), and more. There are no minimums and there’s no setup fee.

Curious? Lots of agencies are, so don’t wait. Keep your new advantage by creating your account today, or by contacting our account team for a demo. We can’t wait to give a new, innovative, competitive advantage.