The inboundgeo team is proud to announce two new filters. These filters are incredible additions to the inboundgeo engagement engine and visitor selection toolset.

The Page Value filter.

Our customers can now use industry standard Javascript selectors to evaluate page values in real-time. Examples include product or category  titles, descriptions, breadcrumb values, pricing, keywords, SKUs, etc.

Simply paste the selector into the filter window and enter the test values. No, really, it’s that simple. You can test the website in real-time through the dashboard by clicking the beaker (test) icon.

Example of Page Value filter

In 2018 we introduced a custom HTML spidering and content indexing engine called Charlotte. For the majority of uses cases, the Page Value filter simply replaces Charlotte, and requires no back end or custom setup. It’s powerful, and simply so.

The Click Filter

While this one seems simple, there’s a level of complexity to it that’s simply delicious. As the name states, we can detect a “click” on the selected element. This filter also uses industry standard Javascript selectors, as demonstrated in the image below.

All click events happen in the background, with no redirects. This means that there is no discernible delay on the visitor’s part. Yes, we can detect link clicks that lead offsite, too.

You could, using a simple recipe like the one below, discover the address of an anonymous user, then trigger a Postcard, a Message, or a Maestro based on whether or not that visitor had clicked the “Add to Cart” button on the product page. Other buttons of interest may be: “Checkout” “Create Account” “Show More” “Details” – you get the idea.

Curious? Lots of agencies are, so don’t wait. Keep your new advantage by creating your account today, or by contacting our account team for a demo. We can’t wait to give a new, innovative, competitive advantage.