The traditional Direct Mail campaign begins with the list. Sure there are other concerns like creative, an actual plan, ROI, and all of dozens of other things that go into a campaign. But frankly, if the list isn’t on point, the campaign won’t perform.

What is the best Direct Mail mailing list money can buy?

Let’s paint a scenario. Someone clicks a digital ad and visits your website or the website of one of your customers. They browse several high value pages, and even add a few things to their cart and have clicked the checkout button. They haven’t filled in a form, nor left a trace of their visit anywhere other than in your analytics.

What does that have to do with a Direct Mail campaign? Wouldn’t those elements be incredibly valuable to know before you rent or buy a look alike list? Enter inboundgeo. If inboundgeo had been installed during that visit, all of these actions, with the addition of location (radius from store), demographics (including household income), and even the content in the webpage can be used a filters to create the best Direct Mail mailing list money can buy.

There are no assumptions of brand intent in our campaigns, we remove them by starting with the website visit.

And we’ll prove it: if you use the code EVALME when creating a new account with inboundgeo, we’ll include 5 days worth of data collection at no charge. This campaign performs exactly like one of our print campaigns, but simply doesn’t send mail. It’ll start with one filter, a single page view, but you can add as many as you’d like to simulate an actual campaign. The more you add, the smaller the list and the higher the quality.

We’re here to help. Let us prove it.

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