Retargeting works. At least that’s what the marketing technology industry sells. It’s happened to you. You visit the big box home repair site, mis-click on a grill, and for the next few days you’re seeing grills on practically every website you visit. Did retargeting work? Well, we know the technology did, but did the messaging?

Early on, when the technology was new, it was also novel. It was a great, simple way to remind a visitor to reengage with the brand. That ends up working about 1/10th of 1% of the time today. Given the cost of retargeting digitally, maybe that fits within the budget. You get what you pay for, and that’s to be intermixed with thousands of other on-site messages bombarding the visitor hoping for a simple glimpse of the brand’s name, and if you’re lucky, the offer itself.

In a sea of competitors, a digital retargeting campaign impression is simply sold to the highest bidder. The systems don’t care about consumer value, just that someone was willing to pay more to put a brand impression in front of one consumer over another, and one who is already familiar with a brand.

We have a completely different approach to the retargeting question. Why not be one of a very, very few brands in the website visitor’s physical mail box? Offline retargeting is a wide open, and easily captured market – especially when combined with the inboundgeo engagement engine. With an inboundgeo campaign you have 100% of the user’s attention as they thumb though their physical mail. Electric bill, letter from mom, “Oh, hey! I was just on that website. Neat!”

Here are a few key differences that set inboundgeo offline retargeting apart:

  • Physical/tactile brand experience
  • 100% of the recipient’s attention
  • Appreciation of the targeting involved, not considered “Junk Mail.”
  • Can require a visit for redemption offering upsell opportunities
  • Creative can match browsing history and interests specifically
  • Cost effective with no minimum spend

If you’re ready to move beyond the retargeting pixel and into the home, you’ve come to the right place! Our team will be happy to walk you the benefits of and inboundgeo powered offline retargeting campaign.