When I first started working on inboundgeo in 2013, the “plan” was very different.

In September of 2013, I sat down over a weekend and built a prototype of the first version of the product. The product, at the time, was a unique way to measure direct mail match backs using geolocation (GPS). The concept was simple: our customer would upload a list of addresses that had been used in a traditional direct mail campaign. As the recipients of the direct mail piece came to the website, inboundgeo (BOOST! at the time) would match the address mailed to the visitor’s current location.

It became obvious through a couple of early installations that while the idea worked as planned, there was a much better way to leverage the technology to help our customers increase revenue. The next release no longer required a previous direct mail campaign, but would instead build the lead list to be used in the campaign on the fly. Real-time. As it turns out, that location prompt, combined with data from the vistor’s journey through our customer’s website was all we needed to build the best direct mail list money could buy. A mailing list of people that had been onĀ  your website and had expressed interest in your products and services.

This led to more questions from our customers. On more than one occasion, we heard something resembling this: “Great! We have a new list of highly targeted direct mail addresses, but we don’t have time to make use of them. Can you send something for us?”

That led to the third iteration of the inboundgeo offline retargeting platform, and the first release of the inboundgeo engagement engine. Today we not only build a permissions based direct mail list, but we also print and send an oversized Postcard the next day.

The remarkably simple explainer video below shows how the whole process works. If you have questions please reach out. The quickest route is to use the chat icon in the lower right of your screen.